4 Frozen Beverages You Must Try

Everyone has a favorite frozen drink that they can’t live without. From simple malts to complex cocktails, there’s a frozen drink out there that’s sure to always bring a smile to your face. Here at Komoniwana, the providers of the best frozen drink blenders and supplies, we want to provide everyone with the means to make their favorite frozen drinks — no matter if you’re doing it at home or at a beverage store. Here are the four frozen beverages you must try whether you’re using a Komoniwana blender or not.


Shakes have been a mainstay treat in America for decades. Whether you’re going with a traditional chocolate or vanilla shake or you’re looking to shake things up by adding your own twist to this sweet treat, everyone should try one of these frozen drinks at least once.


One of the most versatile frozen drinks around, smoothies are enjoyed all over the world. Smoothies can be made from a variety of ingredients — from fruit and vegetables to peanut butter and protein powder. Smoothies are great frozen beverages that can be enjoyed any time you’re in the mood for one.


Looking to start your day the right way? Frappacinos, more commonly known as frappes, are a delicious and fun way to kick start your day. Try a frappe with your favorite coffee and breeze through your busy schedule in no time.


If you love snow cones or Italian ice, then you’ll love granitas. This frozen dessert is similar to sorbet but with a smoother texture. If you’re looking for a light frozen treat, then granitas is the perfect option for you.

Want to make some of the best frozen drinks and treats at your beverage store? Ready to make professional frozen beverages at home? Komoniwana is here to help you. Learn more about our professional drink blenders to find the right one for you, or contact us to answer any questions you may have.