Blending Tutorial

Blending Instructions


Add 4 oz. of water to the blender jar or measuring cup.


Add one Komoniwana packet.


Add 16 oz. of ice.


Press the appropriate button to blend until smooth. If the mix is too thick, add 1 oz. of water and press button 6.


After initial blend is complete (step 4), add mix-ins (such as cookies or fruit). Press button 6 to mix.


Pour into glass and enjoy!

Preprogrammed Buttons: (1) One serving / Frappé or Smoothie, (2) Two servings / Frappés or Smoothies, (3) One serving / Granita, (4) Two servings / Granitas, (5) Blend cookies and fruit.

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How To

Cleaning Instructions

cleaning graphic

End-of-Shift Cleaning

One Add 1 cup (240ml) of hot water and a drop of liquid dish soap into the blender jar.
Two Place the blender lid tightly onto the jar.
Three Place the jar on the blender base, close the blender enclosure, then press and hold the pulse button for 5 seconds.
Four Rinse blender jar thoroughly.
Five Clean the base by simply wiping the base and interface with a disposable damp cloth.
cleaning graphic

End-of-day Sanitation

One Fill the blender jar with hot water.
Two Add 1 or 2 teaspoons (5-10ml) of liquid chlorine bleach to the jar.
Three Stir for 10 seconds to mix water and bleach. Let mixture stand in blender jar for 5 minutes.
Four Empty water/bleach mixture.
Five Turn jar upside down on dish rack until dry.

Tips and Cautions

  • Do not use stiff bristled brushes or abrasive cloths/pads to clean the blender base or jar as this will dull or scratch the surface.
  • NEVER submerge the blender motor in water.
  • Avoid submerging blender jars for more than 5 minutes as water penetration through the lower jar seals will reduce the life of the jar.
  • After cleaning, we recommend the blender jar be stored upright.
Dishwasher Safe

Although the blender jar is dishwasher safe, we do recommend hand washing to prolong the life of the jar. Extreme temperatures can damage the lower seal so we don’t recommend the jar be used for temperatures above boiling (212°F, 100°C).