If you’re looking for an icy, refreshing drink to help you cool down this summer, look no further than a frappé! Frappés are made with frappé mixes and cold milk, and they can be blended with ice to create a delicious slushy beverage. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what frappés are, their history, and how to make them at home. Stay tuned for some delicious recipes and get in touch with Komoniwana to get your frappé mixes today!

What Is a Frappé?

A frappé (pronounced “frah-pay”) is a type of coffee drink that originates from Greece. It is made with instant coffee, milk, sugar, and ice, and it is usually served in a tall glass. The word “frappé” comes from the Greek word for “crushed”, which refers to the way that the ice is blended with the other ingredients.

Frappé History

Frappés were first created in Greece in the 1950s, and they quickly became a popular summer drink. They gained popularity in other countries in the 1990s, and today, frappés are enjoyed all over the world.

How to Make One

Making a frappé at home or in your retail store is easy! All you need is Komoniwana frappé mix, ice, and water. Simply combine the frappé mix, ice, and water in a blender and blend until smooth. Then, add ice and blend again until desired consistency is achieved. Serve in a tall glass and enjoy!

Frappé Flavors

There are endless possibilities when it comes to frappé flavors. Komoniwana offers a variety of frappé mixes, including toffee caramel, coffee bean, and mocha. You can also add your own flavorings to create unique frappés that your customers will love.

Komoniwana offers a variety of frappé mixes, so you can find the perfect flavor for your taste. Get in touch with Komoniwana today to order your frappé mixes and start enjoying delicious frozen drinks!